Beginner Workout at Home - 10 Minutes! (+Marvel Trivia) (LOW IMPACT / NO EQUIPMENT) - DAY 1

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Workout at home with this LOW IMPACT CARDIO, beginner workout! No equipment needed! -- This is the Get Off The Couch challenge, Day 1.

If you are interested in using these workouts as part of a workout program, the 12 WEEK CHALLENGE details are at the bottom of this description!

About these workouts:
If you've been away from exercise for a long time, or even if you have never done exercise in your life, these at home workouts are designed for you. Our resident Nerd-in-Chief, Filup Molina, guides you through some simple, low impact, beginner HIIT training, with these at home workouts that all take less than 20 minutes!

This is Cardio for beginners, so we call it your Origin Story. If you're just getting started on your fitness journey, that's fine! We've even got workout modifications so that you can still challenge your full body, without hurting yourself.

And even though these home workouts are for beginners, don't worry, the Cardio/HIIT training you're getting is still aimed directly at fat loss. Though, again, with an average of 15 minutes for these, you're really just want you to get used to moving!

Also, to keep your nerd-mind stimulated, these workouts include all kinds of challenging Marvel trivia that will challenge your MCU knowledge, while you work up a sweat!

While you can choose to proceed through the Workout Phases at your own desired pace, you can use this simple guideline for setting goals:
PHASE 1 - Weeks 1 - 4
PHASE 2 - Weeks 5 - 8
PHASE 3 - WEEKS 9 - 12

You'll use these exact same workout videos to progress through the phases, just pay attention to how the workouts are modified for each phase. For instance, the 10 minute workout might last closer to 15 minutes for Phase 2 or even 20 minutes for phase 3. Or, you might do longer sets. Of course, you can always adjust your workout tempo to customize the workouts as well.

DISCLAIMER: Workouts are for educational purposes only. Consult your physician prior to any diet or exercise plan.
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